Where do I find the latest firmware for my CyberData product.

Where do I find the latest firmware for my CyberData product.

CyberData always recommends that your CyberData products be kept on the latest firmware version.

Go to the main CyberData website to search for your Voice over IP (VoIP) product.
  1. For example, let's say you want the latest firmware for your CyberData Outdoor Intercom.
    1. Go to the web page linked above.
    2. Select the category of your product (SIP, InformaCast Enabled, Industrial VoIP, etc.).
      1. In our example it will be "SIP."
    3. Scroll down that page until you see your product.
      1. We're looking for the outdoor intercom so we'll select the 011186 SIP Outdoor Intercom.
    4. On that web page navigate to the Downloads tab.
      1. You may see several directories titled "Serial Number begins with..."
        1. For our example the serial number begins with 1862 so we'll select "Serial Number begins with 1862xxxxxx."
        2. You now see subdirectories. The subdirectory which we want is "Firmware, Drivers and Utilities."
        3. The latest firmware will always be at the top of the list.
    5. Download the latest firmware to your computer.
      1. The file is an archive file because it contains the firmware and other documentation.
        1. You will need to use an archiving/de-archiving program such as 7-Zip or WinRAR to extract the compressed files.
    6. Depending on the product model firmware files are labeled either with a .SWU file extension or a “uImage” file name.
You're now ready to upgrade your CyberData product's firmware. Instruction for upgrading can be found in the CyberData article "How do I update my Firmware."
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