Warranty & RMA Policy

Warranty & RMA Policy

CyberData Products Warranty

CyberData warrants its product against defects in material or workmanship for a period of two years from the date of purchase. Only products purchased through our main website or our listed authorized distributors and resellers will carry our 24-month factory warranty and technical support. An additional 2 year warranty period can be offered under our new Extended Warranty Program. Specific Extended Warranty pricing can be found on our product pages and our Documentation Index here: Product Documentation Index

CyberData will repair or replace the product free of charge if the product fails within Warranty based on CyberData RMA evaluation of the failure mode. These warranties include all parts and labor.

Should the product fail "Out of Warranty," a flat rate repair charge of one-half of the product purchase price will be assessed (or one-half of MSRP if no proof-of-purchase from an authorized distributor or reseller). A minimum hourly rate of $95/hour USD is charged when the repairs required are minimal and at our discretion. Repairs within either Warranty period but are damaged by improper installation, modification, or abuse are deemed "Out of Warranty" and will be charged the "Out of Warranty" rate. A device is considered "Out of Warranty" when its purchase date is older than two years or when the device has been damaged due to human error during installation, modification, abuse, or acts of nature such as water damage. Suppose the "Out of Warranty" device cannot be repaired. In that case, a comparable replacement unit will be offered at purchased cost with proof-of-purchase (or at the current MSRP of a similar unit if no proof-of-purchase from an authorized distributor or reseller).

CyberData shall not under any circumstances be liable to any person for any special, incidental, indirect or consequential damages, including without limitation, damages resulting from use or malfunction of the products, loss of profits or revenues or costs of replacement goods, even if CyberData is informed in advance of the possibility of such damages.

End of Life Devices are included under this policy. End of Life devices are devices that are no longer produced or sold. Technical support is still available for these devices. However, no firmware revisions, updates or replacements will be provided.

Warranty & RMA Returns within the United States
If service is required, you must contact CyberData Technical Support before returning any products to CyberData. If Technical Support determines that your product needs to be assessed by CyberData, an RMA number will be issued to you. RMA requests are only processed by opening a support ticket: https://support.cyberdata.net

Your issued RMA number must be printed on the outside of the shipping box. No product will be accepted for return without an approved RMA number.

Products shipped to CyberData, both in and out of Warranty, are shipped at the customer's expense. CyberData will only pay return shipping charges for repaired products that are in Warranty. The product, in its original package, should be sent to the following address:

CyberData Corporation
4 Justin Court
Monterey, CA 93940

Warranty & RMA Returns Outside of the United States
If you purchased your equipment through an authorized international distributor or reseller, please contact them directly for product repairs.

Spare in the Air Policy

CyberData now offers a "Spare in the Air" no wait policy for warranty returns within the United States and Canada. Learn more.

Return and Restocking Policy
For our authorized distributors and resellers, please refer to your CyberData Service Agreement for information on our return guidelines and procedures. For End-Users, please contact the company that you purchased your equipment from for their return policy.



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