CyberData VoIP Discovery Utility

CyberData VoIP Discovery Utility

The Discovery Utility will scan the network and display any found CyberData VoIP devices.

The utility can be downloaded here -

After extracting the files launch the program titled cd_discovery_installer.exe.

Below are screen captures of the utility in use. The guide "How to use the CyberData VoIP Discovery Utility" can be found in the Attachments section at the end of this article.


This is the opening screen when the discovery tool has been launched.



Press "Discover" to find CyberData devices on the network.



Select the line with the CyberData device that you want and then select "Open Browser" to open the device's web interface in your computer's default web browser.

Alternate Open

Alternatively, double click on the IP address of the CyberData device that you want. This will also open the device's web interface in your computer's default web browser.

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