Configuration Support Services

Configuration Support Services


CyberData’s Technical Support Configuration Services Takes the Headache Out of Installing Your New SIP Device

Our team is ready and available to schedule an appointment for you!

831-373-2601, ext 333

1st Hour: $125
2nd Hour: $95

  • Basic SIP registration*
  • Connecting to compatible analog amplifiers*
  • Bell Scheduler events
  • Multicast configuration
  • DTMF relay activation for access control
  • RFID card registration
  • Point-to-Point configuration

*Configuration Support Services are applicable to the initial install of CyberData products with the links listed below:

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      I am using Cisco/Linksys SPA series deskphones.  The CyberData intercom does not recognize the DTMF tones from these phones to unlock the door.   CyberData devices may detect more than one digit press when the ‘Mark All AVT Packets’ is set to Yes on ...
    • Compatible IP-PBX Servers and SIP Registration

      To answer SIP calls, CyberData devices need to be registered with a SIP server.  The registration process requires entering SIP credentials provided by the SIP Server into the CyberData device. Credential formats vary by vendor and the credentials ...
    • Compatible Analog Amplifiers

      The Paging Server and Paging Adapter provide line-level audio output that is compatible with most analog paging amplifiers. Audio output is through two analog audio ports, one is a 600Ω balanced output and the other is an unbalanced 10K output. A ...
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      CyberData and Zoom completed interoperability testing back in 2019. Since then the Zoom platform has evolved and CyberData has retested and released documentation. Here are links to all Zoom Configuration Documents. SIP Paging Adapter Configuration ...
    • Warranty & RMA Policy

      CyberData Products Warranty CyberData warrants its product against defects in material or workmanship for a period of two years from the date of purchase. Only products purchased through our main website or our listed authorized distributors and ...