Blueface Interop Completion

Blueface Interop Completion

CyberData and Blueface have completed interoperability testing as of January, 2022. This testing involved verifying functionallity of CyberData devices on the platform, including registration, call testing, and call groups. No issues were discovered during testing. All configuration documents can be found on the Connecting to Compatiable IP-PBX Servers page. For convenience the guides have also been linked below:

  1. Configuring the SIP Call Button with Blueface
  2. Configuring the SIP Paging Amplifiers with Blueface
  3. Configuring the SIP Intercoms with Blueface
  4. Configuring the SIP Paging Adapter with Blueface
  5. Configuring the SIP Paging Server with Blueface
  6. Configuring the SIP Speaker with Blueface
  7. Configuring the SIP Strobes with Blueface
  8. Configuring the SIP Office Ringer with Blueface

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