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_Can you give me specifications for the correct alternate power supply needed if I don’t have a Switch?_ The most cost-effective option would be to use our POWER INJECTOR (011124) [HTTPS://WWW.CYBERDATA.NET/COLLECTIONS/ACCESSORIES/PRODUCTS/011124], plug...
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If there is an error with the clock base it should display an "E 02." If it displays random characters it needs an RMA and repair.
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The Mini Horn Loudspeaker (Part#011068) is a weather-tight enclosure with an IP54 rating. The wire attached to the speaker is about 2 ft. long, with a sealed rubber grommet going into the horn, but it is not a regular conduit connection. If you are instal...
DESCRIPTION: Weather Shroud (Part# 011215) is for use with our V3 Outdoor Keypad Intercom (Part# 011214). __
Can be used with these CyberData devices to provide extra power: V2 Paging Amplifier, SIP (Part #011061 []) V2 Loudspeaker Amplifier, SIP PoE (Part #011097 []) V2 Paging Amplifie...
This product is included with the Talk Back Speaker (011180 and 011181) []
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Works with 011087 [] and 011124 []
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