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Choppy Sound from Intercom
Posted by CyberData Administrator, Last modified by Wayne T on 28 January 2016 12:48 PM

I mounted the VoIP Intercom at an outside truck loading area, but the voice of the person speaking into the Intercom sounds "chopped up" at the designated IP phone. How can I improve the sound coming from the Intercom?

Even though the Adaptive Full Duplex mode of the VoIP Intercom compensates for some ambient noise, it cannot overcome the noise of trucks, cars, or other high noise sources near the Intercom in an outdoor environment.

Some of the issue can be improved by mounting the Intercom at a location that shields and directs the sound to and from the user (such as a tube or recessed housing). Alternatively, a Push-to-Talk firmware upgrade can be installed. Contact CyberData Support by filling out a VoIP Support ticket on our portal

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