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Corrosion Inside Intercom
Posted by CyberData Administrator, Last modified by on 29 January 2015 01:56 PM

To prevent corrosion to the Intercom's components, we recommend using a conduit to guide the wiring into the Intercom's gang box, and using caulk on any openings to prevent water from entering the unit.

For liability and insurance purposes, we recommend that your Intercom is intalled by a licensed and certified electrician in your area. This person would have intimate knowledge of your local building codes. 

Please read the "Intercom Installation Errors" document attached below to identify any possible installation errors that could cause liquid corrosion.

 intercom_installation_errors.pdf (119.85 KB)
 good_sealant_example1.bmp (1.82 MB)
 good_sealant_example2.bmp (1.60 MB)
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