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"I need to call Tech Support"

"Why can't I get this device to work?"

"Did I order the wrong product?"

"Will this do what I want it to do for me?"


I'd like to introduce you to a top notch Tech Support team that will alleviate your anxiety, never talk over or down to you, or question your experience. They're here to help.


CyberData's Tech Support Team - aka the Support Pit Crew

We've got a great support team with a combined 70 years of technical knowledge and support experience. They are our technical detectives and CyberData is proud to say we have no cold case files! Let's meet the team...


Mauricio Reynoso, Technical Support Manager

Mauricio joined CyberData five years ago and now leads the technical support team. He has a background in mobile repair and prior to joining CyberData, was a district manager and lead repair technician for a cell phone repair company across four store locations.


Best part of the job

"The best part of working for this company has to be the puzzle-solving aspect of the support department. Taking a step back to understand a situation as a whole and zeroing in on an issue is great but finding the missing piece of the puzzle to fix a problem is how I have fun on the job."


Most frequent type of call

"The most frequent type of calls I get are how to resolve a lack of audio when connecting our paging devices (SIP Paging Adapter and SIP Paging Server) to an existing analog system. I like to differentiate a wiring problem from a SIP related one so I always start by asking whether our internal Test Audio message can reliably play through the speakers. If it does then we’re narrowing down a SIP problem. If it does not then we have an analog problem and need to reevaluate the wiring or connection method.

Ivers Spivey

Ivers has a background and a degree in Computer Networking Systems and Administration along with a Customer Support Specialist degree. Prior to joining CyberData, Ivers worked for the Bay Area Cyber Security Admin Team at Cabrillo College. Ivers isn't just a "techie" guy though: he was a 100 ton Masters Captain for diving and fishing charters!


Most frequent type of call - Audio issues

"Some of the most common types of calls I receive are about our devices dropping registration or no audio. For the dropping registration calls I reference who they are using for a PBX and consult our appropriate guides or knowledge-base articles we have. Usually adjusting the re-registration time, the keep alive, and the DNS servers resolves some of the issues but if not then we have to pull the application logs from the device to see what is happening from the devices perspective. In some instances, changing the SIP transport protocol to TCP can help due to the nature of how the protocol works compared to UDP. I have seen everything from mistyped credentials to the SIP registration packets never getting a response back from the PBX that causes the device to drop or fail to register."


Harry Hallett

Harry has been with CyberData since August 2019. A husband and father of two, Harry is also a U.S. Navy veteran and brings with him more than 20 years’ experience in installation, maintenance, and direct customer contact as a telecommunications field service technician.


Harry has always enjoyed working closely with customers to uncover networking or configuration issues, and address and resolve them to the customer's satisfaction.


Best part of the job

“I think that, for me, the best thing about working technical support is the constantly varying challenges that customer problems present. When, for example, I get a trouble call from an installer who is onsite and unable to make our product work properly with their client’s equipment, I know that they are under a gun and therefore so am I. Some problems are straightforward, and others are terribly complex. Either way there is mental stimulation for me. And when we successfully get everything working the way that it is meant to, and I hear relief in the installers voice, I feel good. Also, the installer will hopefully be another advocate for our products.”

Paul Towber, RMA Manager

Paul’s been involved in electronics and R&D since 1980. He’s experienced in Microwave Filter Design, Semiconductor Memory Test and Laser Redundancy Programming, and Proprietary Conductive Polymer Materials research. He's spent the last 10 years as a Staff Technician and now RMA Manager, supporting repair and customer service for all CyberData products.


Oh the things you'll find...

"I once found evidence of the complete life-cycle of spiders in a CyberData Outdoor Intercom from the deserts of AZ. One of the funniest days here was the time I found the remnants of an elementary school lunch jammed inside a Speaker assembly. I have the pictures."


Since Paul routinely takes pictures of damage within a device, he's got quite a collection.


Paul Tuttle - Interop Manager

Paul is our Interop Manager and works closely with hosted and on-prem PBX server manufacturers to conduct and certify interoperability with CyberData endpoints.


Paul joined the CyberData team in 2016 after graduating from CSUMB with a degree in Computer Science. You may have spoken with Paul, as he will sometimes assist with support calls, especially if the issue is a unique one associated with a particular IP PBX server. Prior to joining the team, Paul was a Barista Trainer for Starbucks and competed in the Barista Championship for California. 


Best part of the job

"I like working at CyberData because of the close knit family which has created a wonderful company culture. I always enjoy my job because there are new challenges to overcome everyday, and no day is the same at CyberData."



Now that you've met the team, please remember you can contact us directly when you get a CyberData device and have questions. Installers and integrators may be able to assist, but nobody is better at providing support of a CyberData device than CyberData's Tech Support team. They are ready to take your calls and assist you with your needs. We want to help!


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