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Registering your CyberData device with CoreDial
Posted by Paul Tuttle, Last modified by Harry H on 25 May 2021 04:33 PM

CoreDial offers a service to re-sellers that white label Broadsoft or Asterisk, depending on the reseller. We have not done a full set of product testing with CoreDial although we keep an interoperability standard with both Broadsoft and Asterisk and our devices are known to work on both of those platforms. Therefore regardless of our interoperability status with CoreDial we are compatible and work correctly with them.

When attempting to register your device with CoreDial, manual registration is the easiest option. CoreDial should have supplied registration information for the extension that will be used for your CyberData device. At this time we cannot provide instructions on how to to create an extension that could be used for a CyberData device, please reach out to CoreDial about getting an extension for your device.

To register your device with CoreDial you will need to go to the CyberData device's web interface and then browse to the SIP tab of the device. The following fields will correspond with the registration information given to you by CoreDial.

Primary SIP Server: This is the SIP server you will be using
Primary SIP User ID: This field will be your username (ex:  sip1234_gotogoto)
Primary SIP Auth ID: This field will be your username (ex:  sip1234_gotogoto)
Primary SIP Auth Password: This will be the password that is provided.

There may also be an Outbound Proxy required, depending on the reseller. If there is an Outbound Proxy address provided it will go in the Outbound Proxy field of the CyberData device. If you were not given an Outbound Proxy address please leave that section blank on your CyberData device.

Once you have configured your device with the information given by CoreDial, please Save the information and Reboot your CyberData device. After the device goes through its reboot process you should see the word "Registered" in green next in the Primary SIP Server field on the Home Page of the device.

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