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Recovery and Troubleshooting on the Video Intercom
Posted by Paul Tuttle on 06 June 2017 05:20 PM

The video intercom and video intercom with keypad are both designed on a different platform than its BlackFin based predecessors. With that fact there are some different procedures that will work for recovery with the BlackFin product range that will not work with the video intercom or video intercom with keypad.


1.) Holding the RTFM button during boot (pressing before the device is powered) will now only have the device switch partitions. This will NOT delete the stored configuration file. In the current code (1.2.0) the device will print

"RTFM pressed: swapping boot partition" in the console log. This is not carried into the application log because this is done in uBoot, before Linux has access to it. This note is currently lost in the wind and the only way to tell that the device has in-fact changed partitions will be to look on the devices home page where it shows the different versions in the partitions. There is a feature request to add a note about switching partitions on the application log that should be added in the next build.

2.) Firmware recovery: This will not work with the video Intercom or video intercom with keypad because of the size of the firmware images. Since this process was down with TFTP it is restricted by the size limit to TFTP downloads 32 Mb and our image size is 64 Mb. The devices will not look to at boot for firmware this feature is restricted to the BlackFin environment.


*Note* There was an RFC put out in 1998 that increased the size limit for TFTP files, RFC 2348. We are not current compliant with this RFC as our block size is limited to 512 octets. I am going to inquire about why we are not compliant with this RFC with the software team and I will update when I have news.


The device can still use TFTP to autoprov including downloading firmware, the limitation is in uBoot.

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