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Device doesn't stay linked on Dell 3524P or 3548P
Posted by CyberData Administrator, Last modified by CyberData Administrator on 13 February 2015 01:58 PM

The CyberData device connected to a Dell Powerconnect 3524P or 3548P port did not stay linked up. The device comes up, and then it goes down, and then it comes up cycling.

If connected to a Linksys SRW208MP switch, the CyberData device stays up.

Pantel, Cisco, or Linksys PoE endpoints all work on the Dell Powerconnect 3524P.

A user tried hard coding the switch speed/duplex and tried four different Dell Powerconnect 3524P switches.
Check to make sure the Dell Powerconnect 3524P has flow control enabled on the port for the CyberData device to power up properly.

According to Dell:

Flow Control Support (IEEE 802.3X): Flow control enables lower speed devices to communicate with higher speed devices by requesting that the higher speed device refrains from sending packets. Transmissions are temporarily halted to prevent buffer overflows. For information on configuring Flow Control for ports or LAGs, see "Defining Port Configuration" or "Defining LAG Parameters" in the Dell™ PowerConnect™ 35xx Systems User's Guide.