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Polycom Phones and your Paging Adapter
Posted by CyberData Administrator, Last modified by CyberData Administrator on 11 June 2015 08:26 AM

How to configure a SIP Paging Adapter to receive pages from Polycom phones:

Starting on firmware version 7.3.0, the SIP Paging Adapter can receive pages from Polycom phones running UC software versions 4.0.0 and higher. Only G.711 ulaw encoded pages with a payload size of 20 ms are supported.

First, verify the multicast address used by the Polycom phones. On default, Polycom phones are configured to use the address

On the Multicast configuration page of the SIP Paging Adapter’s web interface, complete the following steps:

  1. Check the box to Enable Multicast operation.
  2. Enter the multicast address and port number for the desired priority group.
  3. Enable the specific Polycom Group Paging channels by selecting the channel numbers from the Polycom Default Channel, Polycom Priority Channel, and Polycom Emergency Channel drop down menus.
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