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Speakers don't play in paging group
Posted by CyberData Administrator, Last modified by CyberData Administrator on 03 February 2015 02:36 PM

I hooked up your speakers using Asterisk and they play audio individually but why don’t they play in a paging group (zone)?

  1. Make sure you have installed and loaded a timing source such as Zaptel’s “ztdummy” on your Asterisk server.
  2. If you are using SIP phones in the same paging group as our speakers and auto-answer is activated for these phones, please upgrade to the latest paging group module in Asterisk, which is 1.2.3 or greater and put an “x” (this removes auto-answer commands our speakers do not use because they are hard-coded to auto-answer) after the extension number for the speakers in the paging group drop-down menu in FreePBX.
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