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"Spare in the Air" Policy
Posted by CyberData Administrator, Last modified by CyberData Administrator on 22 September 2015 11:35 AM

In the event that a customer cannot wait for CyberData to receive and diagnose the problem, CyberData can ship a replacement unit to a customer immediately. The customer must provide CyberData with proof-of-purchase and a credit card. CyberData will bill the credit card for the replacement unit plus an additional processing fee of $39.95 for standard processing and $75.00 for expedited processing. Spare in the Air replacements can be initiated no later than 2:00 pm P.S.T. in order to guarantee same day shipment if the item is in stock.

Once CyberData receives the "defective" unit, it will be evaluated as to whether:

  • It is in or out of warranty.
  • The unit is malfunctioning.
  • If malfunctioning, the malfunction is due to a product defect or customer misuse.

If CyberData finds that the malfunction is caused by a product defect and it is under warranty, CyberData will credit the customer's credit card back for the cost of the product (processing fee is not returned) and the customer retains the spare unit sent. The spare unit will have the same warranty end date as the original unit.

If CyberData finds that the malfunction has been caused by customer misuse or the product is out of warranty, CyberData will advise the customer of this status prior to repair or billing.

The cost of repair of the unit in this case would be a flat rate repair charge of one-half of the purchase price of the product.

Once the repaired unit is returned to the customer and the customer has paid for the repair, the spare is to be returned to CyberData within 15 days.

If the spare is returned in working order within that time, CyberData will credit the customer's credit card for the cost of the product.

If a customer suspects a CyberData product is defective or malfunctioning and requires repair or replacement, they are advised to not ship the product to CyberData before contacting Technical Support as the problem may be with the product installation process and can be corrected via technical support. If Technical Support suspects the unit may be defective and require repair, you will be issued a Return Materials Authorization (RMA) number to return the product. We do not under any circumstances accept modified or customized products for return.

This information is required:

  • Customer contact information.
  • Product/Serial number.
  • Proof of purchase - including invoice showing cost of product.

Once the customer is provided with an RMA number and shipping information, the product should be packaged securely and the RMA number is to be placed visibly on the outside of the package. Packages will not be accepted without RMA numbers.