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Posted by CyberData Administrator, Last modified by CyberData Administrator on 03 February 2015 02:37 PM

I’ve connected the SIP Paging Adapter to a third party analog device for paging zone access to analog speakers. I am getting terrible feedback from the speakers when I page. How can I avoid the feedback?

Generally, loud feedback can occur when you use a phone to page in the same area where a speaker is installed. It is best to isolate the phones used to make pages from areas where speakers are installed to prevent feedback. Or, you could implement a Valcom V-9964 Feedback Eliminator between the SIP Paging Adapter and the Valcom V-2006A Six Zone Page Control Unit, for example.

Please be advised it is NOT possible to pass DTMF tones through the SIP Paging Adapter when Buffer SIP Calls is enabled on the SIP configuration page of the web interface. Enabling Buffer SIP Calls to eliminate feedback is a working solution for installations where DTMF tones are not required by the Page Port input for zone access.

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