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CyberData is Hiring!
Posted by Mauricio R on 02 November 2021 10:58 AM

Our team is looking to hire for the following full-time positions in Monterey, CA. 

Are you interested in joining our dynamic team? Please send your resume to

Links to open positions include:

Production Assembly Technician

Software Engineer

Linux Software Engineer

You can also contact us on our main website: Contact – CyberData Corporation

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CyberData Introduces Certified Resellers and Installers
Posted by Mauricio R on 03 February 2021 07:59 AM

CyberData is pleased to introduce you to our premier class of Certified Resellers and Installers! Having completed the certification and training process in December, this group of experts is ready to provide their expertise and knowledge when it comes to VoIP paging, emergency notification, and secure access control.

Meet the Team Here!

If you are a Reseller or Installer and would like to grow your existing business or find new avenues of business, please fill out the document Certified Reseller and Installer Assessment and we’ll schedule you for the next training session. Certification training for the next group of Resellers and Installers will begin in late February.

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CyberData SIP Enabled series Validated on BroadSoft release 22
Posted by Paul Tuttle on 20 June 2017 09:01 AM

CyberData has formally completed the Interop process with BroadSoft. This interop has validated the following products:

011186 CyberData SIP-enabled IP Outdoor Intercom
011209 CyberData SIP-enabled IP Emergency Indoor Intercom
011211 CyberData SIP-enabled IP Indoor Intercom
011272 CyberData SIP-enabled IP Indoor Intercom (Flush-Mounted)
011214 CyberData SIP-enabled IP Outdoor Keypad Intercom
011113 CyberData SIP-enabled IP Indoor Keypad Intercom (Wall-Mounted)
011123 CyberData SIP-enabled IP Indoor Keypad Intercom (Flush-Mounted)
011049 CyberData SIP-enabled IP Call Button
011376 CyberData SIP-enabled IP RGB Strobe
011216 CyberData SIP-enabled IP Indoor Office Ringer
011233 CyberData SIP Paging Adapter
011146 CyberData VoIP V3 Paging Server
011324 CyberData SIP Paging Amplifier
011393/011394 CyberData SIP Speaker
011397/011398 CyberData SIP TalkBack Speaker

The Updated configuration guide has been posted to the Connecting-to-ip-pbx-servers webpage.

BroadSoft BroadWorks administrators can download the updated CPE kit, which includes validated configuration templates and the updated Partner Configuration Guide, from the BroadSoft Xchange.

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CyberData and Rival5 Complete Interoperability Validation
Posted by Christina W on 25 August 2016 10:46 AM

CyberData and Rival5 have completed interoperability validation of CyberData SIP-enabled products with Rival5's managed VoIP telephony solutions.

The following CyberData products are featured as compatible devices:

  • CyberData SIP Speaker
  • CyberData SIP Intercoms
  • CyberData SIP Paging Server

A Device Interoperability Datasheet has been published on the CyberData Compatible IP-PBX Systems webpage

Please contact Rival5 for more information about integrating CyberData products with Rival5 managed VoIP telephony solutions.

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CyberData and Yeastar have completed interoperability validation on Yeastar S-Series and MyPBX IP-PBX Systems.

A configuration guide has been published on the CyberData Compatible IP-PBX Systems webpage. The configuration guide details SIP configurations for the following CyberData products:

  • CyberData SIP Intercoms
  • CyberData SIP Paging Server
  • CyberData SIP Speakers
  • CyberData SIP Paging Adapter
  • CyberData SIP Paging Amplifiers

Interoperability validation with Yeastar ensures a tested solution for IP overhead paging, loud ringing, and secure door control access. 

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